On my mac, I have enabled auto hide menubar and auto hide Dock. After then, I found some applications didn't work as expected.

Like Noizio, which is a white noise generation app, it often starts as mini windows append below the menubar like this.

Normal location

And I can use a shortcut to toggle this window when menubar is shown. But when menubar is hidden.

The window toggled will appear at the left bottom with an ugly border. Just like this:

Anomarly location

This problem occurred with many applications, like "text scanner" (A text recognition app), "Calendar 366" (A calendar management app), I doubt the same reason causes it. Maybe when menubar is hidden, these Apps couldn't know the location where it should draw. But some other apps like Fantastical works well as this situation.

Does anyone have more information about this problem? Can I do something to fix this problem?

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