I recorded a 2-hour webinar because Microsoft Teams won't allow a download. I used Soundflower and Quicktime screen recording. At the end, when I wanted to save, I saw Cannot save:

QuickTime cannot save a long screen recording

I tried a few more times and could not save it. I could export it with a different resolution and decided against it since it would take a lot of CPU time. I found the raw file at ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX/Data/Library/Autosave Information/ (source). I showed the package contents of the .qtpxcomposition file and saw the 11.7 GB .mov recording in it.

It plays alright for 25 minutes and the audio is OK throughout. After 25 minutes, the video frames freeze both on VLC and on QuickTime. If I navigate to the end, I can see new frames, so I'm sure that it's not my screen that froze. Obviously, the size of the file indicates that a lot of the frames were saved, but I can't find how to play them.

How can I view this recording, or how can I re-record again properly?

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    If you have Mojave or greater Shift Command 5 seems to do the trick: support.apple.com/en-us/HT208721. Not sure if it does audio too, but if you have sound flower you could combine the audio track and video in iMovie pretty easily – Steve Chambers Sep 17 at 23:51

This happened maybe because your computer/CPU was not powerful enough for the large .mov file. If the .mov file was encoded in H265/HEVC, your computer should be more powerful to process this highly-compressed video.

As for the solution, you can try to transcode your MOV video, or compress it to a smaller video. And in the future, if you need to record a long video, choose other screen recorders or set the video to MOV (h.264) 720p in advance.

I often use VideoProc to convert videos. It is available on Mac OS X 10.16 and later. Thanks to its GPU acceleration tech, it relieves the CPU from heavy work when processing large long videos. Moreover, you can use it to record screen and edit the captured video a little bit.

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