While trying to make some calls through the google search in my iPhone 11, Chrome warned me that the site is repeatedly trying to open another app. I accidentally hit Block and now it is not allowing me to make any call through the google search call button.

Pressing the call button has no effect now

Pressing the call button has no effect now. How do I revert this? I tried to find a configuration/setting but could not find any.

iPhone 11 running iOS 13.6. Chrome for iOS v79.0.3945.73

  • I just tried and didn't get a "Block" type message, just an confirmation to dial the number. Did you check in the Chrome section of Settings whether something can be enabled there? – nohillside Sep 15 at 13:22
  • You have to repeatedly try to call. Like 10 times in a short period. – debugger89 Sep 21 at 5:45

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