I have a few photo bursts in Photos.app version 5 (MacOS Catalina), and Photos.app identifies them as bursts, but I cannot find any tool in the interface to select one picture in the burst or even to view them all. I don't remember if the bursts were taken with my iPhone or with a Sony a6000, and surprisingly, it does not tell in the info of the photos.

enter image description here


Also, there is no Make Selection... button when I open the photo burst that appears, as was suggested in an answer below, or as I have seen in some tutorials. I don't know if this is caused my something particular with my pictures or if Photos.app version 5 is different.

enter image description here

  • for what it's worth i'm having this problem too, on multiple bursts. no "Make a Selection" button appears. i've selected photos from bursts before on the Mac, and i'm fairly certain i've done it in Photos in Catalina, so i'm not sure why this is broken suddenly. – Not22 Dec 4 '20 at 21:46

Double click on it, click "Make a Selection..." on the top left corner, and you'll get an interface for that.

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    That's what I saw on a tutorial from 2017, but I don't have the Make Selection... button at the top left. :-/ – Jean-François Beauchamp Sep 13 '20 at 1:17

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