My Macbook Pro (mid 2014, 15 inch) screen just went black. It was working in the morning, took it out of its case this afternoon and nothing.

The Macbook is running, because I can hear it and the back Apple light displays.

Internal display stays black, it does not even show a lit up black screen of death. Hooking it up to an external device only shows something when the external device is plugged in before turning on the machine.

When the external device is plugged in, you are able to view the login screen. Once logging in, the external device goes black and you can sometimes see the mouse. The machine's screen does light up only when the external device is removed when the machine is on, then you get a glowing black screen of death, but you do not see the mouse. Also, sometimes it goes into blind mode (like voice over for blind people) and tries to direct you to hovering over things, but it does not seem to be on the desktop because there is no sound after the blind mode introduction.

I tried the following steps, nothing worked:

-PRAM reset

  • SMC reset

  • Force shutdown

  • Rebooting countless times (with and without the external monitor plugged in)

-Single user mode (will show the screen for 1 second and immediately shuts down again)


  • That's a hardware failure get it repaired or replace the MacBook Pro. – James Brickley Sep 11 at 21:53

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