I recently upgraded the hard-drive on my Macbook Pro 13" early 2015 model. I'd like to use the old 128gb hard-drive as an external USB disk, but I'm having trouble finding the adapter to make it a USB drive. This MacBook Pro uses a proprietary storage drive connector.

So far I've bought the wrong adapter (for M.2 drives to fit the Macbook, which is the wrong direction.)

enter image description here

The model number of the old hard-drive is MZ-JPV1280/03 (Samsung).

I have this NGFF-to-USB3 box standing by:

enter image description here


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It is quite possible that there may not be an adaptor. I don't believe Apple used these for very long, so...

I would think returning it and getting one of the OWC drive adapters for that specific drive would do the trick. Like this


And to destroy an old SSD? Take a hammer to the individual chips on the drive's circuit board, that should do it. Try and recover data from plastic and silicon shards...

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