MacBook Pro 16" Arrived this week and when I plug in my external display the mouse cursor skips, glitches, freezes every 2-3 seconds. Unplug the monitor and all is fine.

Tried switching from DP to HDMI on USB-C Dock. Tried connect DP to USB-C on Laptop.

Everything works fine when external monitor (Extra Wide curved) is disconnected.

My FIX so far was a complete guess/fiddle, I went into the monitor settings and changed from DP1.2 to DP1.1 support. After power cycling monitor the issue, so far, has gone away.

Is this a known issue? My previous MacBook Pro with the same MacOS X version was fine. More importantly, what am I loosing by setting the monitor to DP1.1?

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    Ahh, I went into the Display Preferences and noticed my refresh rate changed from 100Hz to 60Hz. I'd rather have a working mouse than 40 more Hz at this stage.... – Daeta Robinson Sep 10 at 6:24

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