I have a lot of trouble keeping my laptop asleep. I'm always plugged into USB devices and I feel that makes my computer buggy. Many a times I come back after a couple hours and my computer is running with the fans on full blast. That is after I've put the computer to sleep. I'm wondering whether there's a utility that monitors when the computer is asleep and when it's awake. It might help me with this issue.

  • Start with the Sleep/Wake Troubleshooting Steps from Apple including removing the "buggy" USB devices. This will assist you (and us) in narrowing down the issue. Post your results (what didn't work, error messages, etc.) to the original question with an edit. – Allan Sep 9 at 18:47
  • Do you have Power Nap enabled? (System Preferences > Energy Saver > Battery/Power Adapter tabs.) – IconDaemon Sep 9 at 20:39

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