Whenever I use Wolfram Mathematica, the Touch Bar on my Macbook Pro has a "New Document" button. My question is, how do I make sure I don't have that button when I open Mathematica?

It is annoying, as every time I reach to hit the esc key, sometimes the "New Document" button gets tapped, resulting in a new document popping up.

Thanks for any advice you have!

  • Yes it is very annoying indeed!
    – chris
    Commented Oct 31, 2020 at 17:11

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You have two options:

  1. If the app supports it, you can go in View > Customise Touch Bar (more info here provided by Apple)
  2. You can install BetterTouchTool, which is very powerful, and has (among other things) the ability to fully customise the TouchBar per app, globally, add scripts or anything really (other alternatives here)

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