I tried asking reddit and chrome forum but I think it's a Mac thing, something with scrolling, anyway I can't drag bookmarks up or down a folder on the bookmark bar, it gets stuck, from googling I found at least one person with a similar problem and lots of others with bookmark dragging problems.

Sometimes I want to rearrange on the fly, or add a seperator, bookmark manager is better, but less convenient for things like adding horizontal seperators, here's what it looks like

Don't really have any ideas, I won't reinstall my whole chrome profile for it, too many bookmarks and things in my profile, I don't want to risk corruption, but any other ideas I'll try before I give up on it.

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This works by emulating the middle mouse, I did so using a preset in bettertouchtool for this function made by the dev


you kind of have to use both hands on the trackpad but it works once you figure it out, probably do-able with other programs too.

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