Looking for a way to easily encrypt a file or a folder with a password without having to make up an encrypted read write image in Disk Utility?


There are plenty of utilities that will create a simple encrypted volume/image for you, I've used Exces, but I got it in a bundle, otherwise seems a little bit expensive. I know there are others. Exces does what it says and nothing more.

It creates a volume where you can drop anything (folders, files, etc.).

After you close it, you need the password to re-open it and access its contents. If you lose it, you're hosed.


Found some interesting solutions in the article How to password protect folders. Someone in the comments of this article mentioned the app Espionage 2 and this seems to be more along the lines of what I was looking for with more a seamless Finder integration and maintaining folder appearance, not sure if it works on just single files the same way, will need to try it. Eg I have a important Tax Documents folder, and now I have a Tax Documents Folder Encrypted, and not now I have a Tax Documents disk image file sitting there instead of a folder.

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