macOS has been greeting me with weird crashes caused by scripts from "~Library/Application Scripts":

macOS Crash

The first line in the stack trace leads to this:


I discovered that this is a "script" from the "~/Library/Application Scripts" folder. However, it looks like this is a ghost folder - there are only subfolders in there with no files whatsoever:

Empty Subfolders

What is this folder and is it safe to erase it completely if it's empty anyways?


The cause of your crashes is Avast AV software. Make sure you've installed a version that is compatible with your OS, or uninstall it completely (this may require running an uninstaller - contact Avast for details).

Application Scripts are, as the name suggests, scripts that are specific to a given application. The OS creates a folder for each application installed, regardless of whether it has any scripts or not.

From what I can read in your picture, the paths given are to /Library/Application Support, not Scripts, which is a different thing altogether.

That is the root level /Library folder, not the one in the user domain. That is where apps may install component files that are essential to their running.

I'd recommend just uninstalling Avast instead.

  • Thanks! I was looking at the user-level "Library", not the root one. Sep 7 '20 at 12:19

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