I have two Google Chrome windows, Window A, and Window B. I have full-screened Window B with Cmd+Shift+F. But, Window A also becomes fullscreen. When I un-fullscreen Window A with Cmd+Shift+F, Window B becomes un-full-screened.

Is there any way to have one Chrome windows fullscreen and the other one normal?

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I am not sure how Cmd+Shift+F works for you to make window full screen. I am using Cmd+^(Control)+F to make window full screen and revert to normal.

If you are not using any extension like magnet, The possible issue might be that when you switch your window might not have been cycled, for which you will need to use Cmd+`(backtick) followed by Cmd+^(Control)+F.


I have the same starting position as you (two single Google Chrome windows). When I navigate one of the two window and press Ctr+Cmd+F, the selected window becomes full screen, and the other window remains in normal mode, an becomes not also fullscreen as described in your problem...

When I click your key combination as described in your question above (Cmd+Shift+F), nothing happens...

So you have writen this key combination to a keybord customizer like Karabiner-Elements? https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/. If yes, remove this roule and try it with Ctr+Cmd+F.

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