An app I developed works fines with my iPhone 8 running iOS 13.6.1. But when I go to test it on another phone, I receive this error: "This iPhone 7 Plus (Model 1661, 1784, 1785, 1786) is running iOS 13.6.1 (17G80), which is not supported by Xcode 11.7."

I looked at upgrading to Xcode 12 but apparently it's still in beta?

Any suggestion on what's needed to make this combination compatible?


Seems that Xcode 11.7 is missing some files.

This topic has helped me: https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/659166

Or try to upgrade your iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 13.7.


iOS 13.6.1 should be very well supported by Xcode 11.7. Try connecting the iPhone 7 Plus via cable to your Mac and try if you can see it as a run destination in Xcode 11.7.

You need not and should not upgrade to Xcode 12, it's still in beta and comes with iOS 14 SDK.

  • I receive the error when I attach the iPhone 7 Plus with a cable to my mac running Xcode. I originally connected it to view the console to understand why my app crashes on the iPhone 7 but successfully runs on other phones? Thanks for confirming that this phone should be compatible with Xcode 11.7.
    – dhesford
    Sep 6 '20 at 1:51

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