I have this weird issue where if I switch between two apps with a trackpad they do not gain focus and I have to click the app to start working in it.

Note that, by "switching between apps", I mean switching between 2 "desktop spaces" in Mission Control, one desktop space having just 1 app open at a time.

This is super annoying as it is way more convenient to, for example, be able to just press CommandT to open a new tab in Chrome instead of having to click the app and then press CommandT. This issue is reoccurring, I've had times when it went away and then came back again.

Or am I just imagining stuff? It may just be that I never noticed this, but I would definitely remember being annoyed by something.

  • Yes it happens sometimes.. I just click in the dock to get focus. Or use cmd + tab in the first place.
    – anki
    Aug 31 '20 at 10:49

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