MacBook Pro 2017 model (model A1707) with major upload speed issues.

If I do a test from speedtest.net I get pretty decent speeds, but not quite what my ISP offers, but that's ok. I get about half download speed (500mb/s out of 940mb/s my mesh reports) but just presume that's down to Mac's capabilities. I see the full upload speed my mesh reports.

But when I go to upload files from this Mac, the speed is unusable. To upload files to Slack, YouTube, WordPress and even my NAS it sends them at about 5kb/s!!

I've been having this issue for a couple of months now and 'm started to get very fed up.

Any tips on how I can fix this? Might I need a new network adapter?

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Welcome to Ask Different! What about uploading from other devices on this same wifi network? Are the speeds the same? – fsb Aug 28 '20 at 12:07
  • uploading from any other device on the network works as expected and is speedy. – AlexM22 Aug 28 '20 at 12:28

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