I have been using a JBL Tune 750 bluetooth headphones for the past couple of months and haven't managed to find a solution to this problem

While connected to a MacBook Pro via Bluetooth, the multi-connect feature of the headphone seems get problematic. The headphones support 2 devices to be connected at the same time but when one of the devices is the MacBook, the other device (which is an Android phone) keeps getting dropped off. In addition to that, when it is connected, the audio has a couple of issues on the 2nd device:

  1. The audio playback cuts off for a few milliseconds every 2 seconds. For example: If I am playing a video that says

And I am Iron Man

I hear

A-d I a- Ir-n Ma-

*The dash represents the audio cutting off

  1. When I dial/receive a call on the phone, the audio becomes a distorted mess (on the call). The best I can describe it as; it sounds like the audio and a 0.5 sec delayed version of itself is being overlaid on each other. It gets fixed if I disconnect the headphone from the Macbook

I have tested this with two Windows devices which work perfectly fine. No such audio issues come up when I play audio or received a call on the phone while connected to them.

Question: Anyone else know why that could be happening? If so, what could be a possible fix?

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