I store all of my photos in Apple Photos on a MacBook. Then, using Finder, I sync all of the photos in Apple Photos to an iPad and an iPhone.

I have iCloud turned off on all 3 devices.

I am having the following issue on both the iPhone and iPad.

There are a few photos that are synced to my devices, and show up in albums, but do not show up under All Photos.

If I navigate to the album, long-press the photo, and select "Show in All Photos", the screen goes to the All Photos tab, but the photo I selected is not there.

I have tried:

  • Made sure they are not in the Recently Deleted folder
  • Repaired my Apple Photos library on my MacBook (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204967)
  • De-synced, removed all photos, and re-synced Photos to iPad and iPhone
  • Confirmed iCloud is turned off on all devices
  • Tried hiding one of the photos on the iPhone, and it actually disappeared altogether. It didn't even go to the Hidden album. In order to unhide it, I had to de-sync and re-sync Photos to the iPhone

The fact that this is occurring on iPhone and iPad leads me to believe there must be a setting in Apple Photos on the Mac that is causing this issue. Unfortunately, I am not finding anything helpful in Google searches, and I have no idea what that setting is, or how to change it. I am hoping someone here has an idea.

Thank you!

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