I'm new to Mac. I've bought an external usb HD webcam and I would like to use it with Mac.

Connectivity-wise, Mac recognizes the camera, I can use it from any application - so far so good.

The issue is - I'm experiencing a strong ripple effect due to ambient led lightning (50hz). In windows, I could easily change the setting of video capture frequency to 50hz for any camera using windows settings (including the one in question) and this would resolve the ripple effect.

In Mac I just can't find the setting to do that.

After a short research - I saw a few suggestions to use an app like "Webcam settings". I can't use it as a resolution in my case (for certain reasons).

Any ideas? Is there some config value that I can change manually?

Q: Am I positive it's the ambient lights? A: Yes it is the lights.

Q: Am I positive webcam/usb/other hw is OK? A: Yes it is OK.

Q: Does the vendor provide resolution? A: No, the vendor (Amcrest) did not provide a resolution yet.

  • I think really, if your camera's manufacturer doesn't provide a solution, Webcam Settings will be about the only thing that will. There are a few alternatives, but they're all more expensive. – Tetsujin Aug 25 at 10:10

I've found a temporary solution: Open google meet and switch to the usb cam. That's it - it will adjust the capture frequency.

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