2010 Mac mini has low, low sound. Please recommend an external speaker to increase volume. I tried Creative Pebble, quality was fine, but volume remains low. I bumped the audio to 96.0 kHz to no avail.Am I stuck with insufficient volume?

  • Which port do you want to get sound out to an amplifier? hdmi or optical or copper or ethernet or bluetooth? You’ve got quite a few options tbh... – bmike Aug 23 '20 at 22:40

The sound from the Mac mini won’t be that strong to begin with because they use a laptop speaker and it’s very tiny to begin with!

Mac Mini Speaker

See iFixit


To get more volume I recommend using external amplified speakers. Regular computer speakers will work or you can plug it into one of those Bluetooth portable speakers with an INPUT port. I did this with my MBP and a really cheap audio cable (I think they are 3.5mm plugs).

I did some research on the Creative Pebble (original one) and they are USB powered so there’s not a lot of power. In this article from PC Mag, they say “it’s a pretty limited system” and they are a “notable upgrade over laptop or phone speakers.” To me, that sounds like a very low bar to jump over. For more volume, you need more power like what the Bluetooth speakers or plain amplified speakers that you plug into the wall for power will give you.

  • The power of the internal speaker has no bearing on the audio out socket, which is either standard Line out or S/PDIF. Otherwise I agree that powered speakers are the only way. – benwiggy Aug 24 '20 at 9:41
  • Where did I make the statement that it had a bearing? – Doug Masters Aug 25 '20 at 14:49

For the best quality output, I’d go with S/PDIF optical out from the Mac mini.

Most any sound bar or inexpensive amplifier can then convert digital to analog as needed.

So maybe $50 all in for amazing sound quality and volume. You could spend more or less of course.

  • The adapters are assembled and fit tightly, but no sound at all from Bose speakers. The Bose hooked via its cable into Mini is barely louder. – jlsdds Sep 2 '20 at 2:12
  • 1
    I did not have success wi5h the adapters unfortunately. But, I needed this for Zoom meetings primarily. I went into the Zoom configurations and adjusted volume thru that. Lo and behold, it works for everything. Volume works fine. I’ll just find a home for the unused adapters. Thanks for the help. – jlsdds Sep 3 '20 at 19:56

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