I have a batch of files and need to search/gather files of the same name but in another format (as opposed to manually searching for the files which would take forever!),

eg. I have a list such as fredbloggs.pdf joesmith.pdf benjones.pdf

..and need to find on my mac fredbloggs.txt joesmith.txt benjones.txt

..is there any software out there that can match up files like this?


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    Have you tried entering the name in spotlight search ?
    – anki
    Aug 18, 2020 at 11:10

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You can just type kind:txt in finder search. This will give you all of the txt files on your system.


One simple possibility (albeit requiring usage of Terminal app) is to enter something like:

find . -name 'fredbloggs.*'

Example with dummy files:

enter image description here

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