Is there a way to enable Pages (version 10.1 (6913)) to automatically save a copy of the current document as PDF every time I save it to avoid a manual export?

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    – bmike
    Aug 13, 2020 at 2:46

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You might be able to use Folder Actions to trigger an AppleScript that creates the PDF whenever the contents of the folder are changed. The problem may be the fact that the document is still open.

But realistically, you don't have to manually press Save in Pages anyway, so just assign a key command to Export to PDF. You could even use Command S.


No there isn't. The only way to save a Pages document as a PDF while in Pages is to export the Pages Document as a PDF. There may be some online converter but those will only work after you have saved the Pages document.


I would perhaps think of using Automator Each time a file get's saved ... this link as a few ideas but the person is trying to sell stuff


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