Does WiFi-Calling over Ethernet (with a compatible Ethernet-Adapter) work on iPhones with airplane mode enabled and no WiFi connection? I am using iOS 13.

  • It should work. Airplane mode only turns off wireless connections, not the lightning port, so as long as you have network connectivity, it should work fine. – Allan Aug 12 at 9:18
  • So the apps itself are accepting the Ethernet as equal network connection to WiFi? – sebix Aug 12 at 9:27
  • Apps create/access a network socket. The medium doesn’t matter, in fact most apps don’t know how things are connected physically just that there’s a connection – Allan Aug 12 at 11:02

It seems like this should work, but it doesn't. If you enter airplane mode while connected to Ethernet and attempt a call, you will receive this message:

"No Network Connection. Connect to a Wi-Fi network or disable airplane mode to place a call."

If you're on Verizon, a usable workaround is to download the Verizon Message+ iOS app. You can enable Calling within the app and it works to make and receive calls on your normal number. Texting also works, but it's standard SMS (no iMessage). Caveats: The app is meant for handling calls from another device and will tell you calling won't work properly on your primary device. This is normally true, but those problems are nullified while in airplane mode. Additionally, it will complain that WiFi is turned off, but happily works anyway with Ethernet.

One more note: iMessage through the Apple Message app should function in theory, but it doesn't work quite right. I can sometimes receive iMessages there, but not send.

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  • I made the same observation. But Verizon is only an option in the US, not anywhere else in the world. – sebix Sep 27 at 19:41

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