I recently decided to centralize all my contacts into iCloud (I had them split between iCloud and Google Contacts). I went to Google Contacts, exported them in the vCard (for iOS Contacts) format. Then I went to iCloud and imported them all successfully.

Then I went to my iPhone, disabled my Google account for contacts and removed them from my iPhone when prompted. However, when I view the contacts on my iPhone now, none of the ones I imported from Google show up. They are completely absent.

When I view contacts on iCloud.com and my Macbook, everyone is where they're supposed to be. The only place there's an issue is on my iPhone.

I've tried

  1. Disabling and enabling contact sync on my iCloud account several times on my iPhone
  2. Logging out and logging back into my iCloud account on my iPhone
  3. Made sure when I'm viewing contacts on iPhone, there isn't some additional list that the imported contacts were grouped into

Any suggestions?

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