I have two macbooks:

  • MacBook Pro 2012
  • MacBook Pro 2017 with touchbar

Recently I've got an idea to use 2012 as a secondary display. I don't completely understand whether it's possible or not, the only info I found on this is https://www.macobserver.com/tips/how-to/imac-secondary-display/ It's said that this is possible if your second mac has thunderbolt or mini display ports. My 2012 does have it (mini display port). So let's consider it's possible.

It's said I need mini display to usb-c adapter. It's ok but not quite cheap. So finally we reached my question. I already have minidisplay to hdmi adapter. Now I'm wondering is it going to work if I purchase usb-c to hdmi adapter (since it's twice cheaper) and try to connect both adapters to each other?



Unless explicitly mentioned in the official specifications for the machine, it can't. For this machine it is https://support.apple.com/kb/sp649

You might find Synergy an interesting alternative as it allows you to use both machines at once. https://symless.com/synergy


Yes. There’s product called Luna Display that a hardware solution that allows you to use a Mac or an iPad as a secondary display.

Use any Mac as a second display — perfect for anyone with multiple Macs. It also works on older Mac models

I’ve personally seen this work - I wouldn’t use it for gaming, but as a secondary display it’s pretty good.

What you were looking at in the linked article is called Target Display Mode and you need a supported iMac to make that work.

  • yeah, I saw Luna project when was googling my question. It definitely solves my question. But I have some concerns about its performance since it has not only hardware but software components as well. I had an experience of using software solutions before (specifically apps.apple.com/app/duet-display/id935754064) and it was not the best experience (I connected iPad pro as secondary display then). There were often some freezes and slow reaction on user input. After Catalina was introduces I moved to its native solution of screen extension and it is the best solution I've ever tried. – heximal Aug 9 '20 at 20:42

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