Problem: I'm Banned In This Game "Pixel Worlds MMO: Sandbox" And I'm Trying To Delete My Safe File On Steam, As to reset the game.

The Admin has said I'm allowed to create a new account and play fairly as before (Long story, I was banned by fault)

However, I'm unable to Log Out of the game due to it's "Ban Feature"

So, I'm wanting to reset the data of the game via steam, so I could create a new account,

Question (Again + Reworded) Is There A Way I Could Delete Steam Game Data? or Save Files?

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    Wouldn’t a Steam forum be a better site to make this query? There may be a Steam player or two on here, but your odds if finding a Mac user on Steam forum with this sort of knowledge would be significantly higher. – Allan Aug 8 '20 at 0:12

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