I am searching for an app, in which I can take notes during lectures. To be more specific I would like to find an app which extends the default notes app in the following ways:

  1. Creating a color palette (eg. I would like to have darker colors, but it seems like I can only pick one color at a time)
  2. Changing grid size (I would like to make the grid a bit smaller, so it fits my handwriting better)
  3. Option for pages (Ideally I would like to be able to print my notes, but the $\infty$-paper cuts my handwriting in half)

Other features (like pdf annotation, text recognition etc.) are not important for my use case. The recommended apps I was able to test (Notes, INKredible, Nebo, Sketches, Paper, Quicknotes) didn’t fulfill these requirements. Due to cost I could not test Goodnotes or Notepad+.

I hope there is an app satisfying my needs, to specially to vouch for a paid app if that’s the only fit for my requirements.

Can any app do some or all of my requirements?

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Notability is the app you want to use but it is $8.99. There is also a version for Macs as well. This allows multiple colors and it opens with a large page to write on. I can't vouch for it because I use Notes but Notability is a popular app. You can read about it at the link I included.

There is a free app called Notes Writer which you could check out since it's free.


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