I used the "Move to iOS" app to transfer data from my old Android phone to a iPhone SE. SMS were transferred but the history is totally chaotic: Older messages are displayed after newer one and the timestamp is wrong in most of them.

I don't know where to start to solve (if possible) this problem. Any hint is appreciated.


I would reset the whole iPhone and start over. Most likely the file was not read correctly after the transfer from the Android phone and the message history was corrupt/moved.

Look at this tutorial how to transfer messages from Andriod to iPhone.

Here is the official document from apple about "Move from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch".


I have a very similar issue, after moving from galaxy s10e to iphone 12.

the messages are all messed up, and the Imessages is supper buggy.

first thing is if I get a message from someone you I received messages in the past- and I click on the notification, then the message I see is months old and not the right one, looks like it the last message I got from that sender before the switch.

to see the new message I need to close the Imessages and enter it once again- then its fine.

another symptom of this would be if I access a message from a sender that sent me messages in the past(before the switch to iphone- for example like the post office), and then switch to another app, or go to home for example, but not exiting the Imessage, and then reopen the Imessages then again I get the issue of seeing the last message from 6 months ago(before the switch to iphone). and again if I exit the app completely and re enter - its fine.

one more symptom- i'm not sure is entirely related, when I get a message in the Imessages I get double notification- one in the moment of receiving the message and one exactly 2 minutes later. this behavior happens only with Imessages, and not any other app.

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