My program works as follows

In a while loop, it checks for the active window change - AppKit library used

from AppKit import NSWorkspace

active_window = (NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace().activeApplication()['NSApplicationName'])

if the active window changes to from some other window to google chrome, I need get the url from the chrome's current tab using apple script as :

url="""tell application "System Events"
        tell application "Google Chrome" to get the URL of the active tab of window 1 as string
        end tell"""

This script is running fine, I can able to get the current window name and also url

I need to know which kind of identifier, provisioning profile, certificate should be used for the same

Im confused of choosing the certificate

I don't have any idea if I need to have a provisioning profile

Im not going to place this app in mac app store, I just wanted to use this app to support another electron application

Any help is appreciated

  • I had found out how to code sign using certificate identity, how to notarize the app bundle and all but don't know what certificate to use. – chitharthan Aug 4 at 9:35

Outside the App Store you can use any ad-hoc or self signed certificate, but I recommend using an official developer account Developer ID for maxim ease of use.

Letting Apple notarize your app by signing your developer ID certificate, helps people trust your app.

Notarization is free, developer signing certificates are provided in an annual paid or free developer account (if you qualify for a free account).

The certificate type differs if you sign an installer vs signing an application.

When code signing items like Mach-O files, disk images, bundles, apps, command line tools, photos, and so on, sign with a Developer ID Application certificate. Sign installer packages with a Developer ID Installer certificate.

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