My initial goal was to import "From my Mac" albums to my iPhone and keep them synced.

It seems that an album created outside iOS is read only. And if I make a copy of it on my iPhone, it won't be synced with Photos on Mac.

So I would like to try by managing my photos manually.

First, I need to export my Photos library but it keeps crashing.. I have 2700 photos and 300 videos (most of them last < 1min)

I've found a script online but the problem is : it only exports albums

I would like a script that can export my albums AND my photos(the edited versions). Knowing that a photo is present in a single album. The exported folder would look like that :

-- Photos not present in any album

-- Album 1

---- Photos in album 1

-- Album 2

---- Photos in album 2

I would also like to keep metadatas. With an emphasis on GPS Location and when they were taken. I already ticked the corresponding checkbox in Photos. I don't care that the create date is updated but I just want the iOS Photos app to recognize dates and places of these photos.

I hope I'm not asking too much but I'm not very familiar with applescript.


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