I’m debugging a Bluetooth app on an iPhone. When I connect it via cable to a Mac, I see that Apple logs output from “bluetoothd” service in between my app’s output. The logs contain central/ peripheral events, incoming requests, rssi info, etc.

Where can I find documentation to understand what is happening with bluetoothd ata hardware level?

I’m looking for information like “this hen I see packet X, the connection state is Y”, or “this message means the device has reconnected to a service Z”

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Apple does a good job in my opinion with bluetooth and debugging.

Specifically, you can use the diagnostic profile to get excellent details and a step by step guide to setting things up to make it easier to understand what the codes mean.

The bluetooth explorer is also far superior to trying to decode raw hex values in my experience. I try to avoid getting into the raw bytes / physical interface unless there’s no other option.

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