I'm running iOS 13.5.1 on an iPhone XR. I can zoom with the back camera (in by "spreading", out by "pinching"), but is there a way to zoom with the front camera?

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Go to this website and purchase the App from the App Store. Once installed you also zoom with the front camera. https://camera.plus

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  • Many thanks for this answer, @JanD. But can you post a link confirming that this program does indeed allow front zoom on the XR. I couldn't find that stated at the site you linked to, unless it was implied in jargon I didn't understand. Thanks again for your help. I should add that I'd welcome other answers too. Digital zoom seems quite a simple thing, so there may be some free programs out there that provide this function.
    – user341810
    Aug 5, 2020 at 11:56

With the app Camera+ you can zoom the front camera.

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