I currently have an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover. I am looking for a keyboard that can be attached to the device so that I will always have the keyboard with me in a convenient manner. Some requirement for the ideal keyboard:

  • Compatible with the Smart Cover
  • Keys aren't exposed when the keyboard is "stashed away".
  • Leaves a hole for the rear camera.

I really like the Logitech® Fold-Up Keyboard; however, it blocks the camera. Depending on the hardware inside, I may be able to drill a hole in the back of the shell, but it would only help for those times that I have the keyboard out. I probably won't ever want the keyboard out while taking a picture with the rear camera. Which keyboards (if any besides the given one) meet all or most of the criteria?

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Unfortunately, I don't know that a case meeting all of your criteria exists. It might be time to dig out the dremel tool and DIY.

My iPad keyboard solution is to use an inCase Origami Workstation and the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. I don't carry the keyboard most of the time, but it does go into my bag if I think I'm going to be in a fixed location and do extended writing and when I travel—where it generally stays in my hotel room for use at the desk. This doesn't meet your strict criteria, but it may be an acceptable compromise.


I bought a Zagg wireless keyboard/case when I bought my iPad2. It doesn't cover the camera lens when installed.

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