I am running the command od -b users.avro to see the content but it outputs nothing.

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    The only time I've seen od not output anything when passed a file is if the file is 0 bytes in size. There of course may be other reasons but I've one had no output for the reason mentioned. Do you get the sane results with other files you pass to od? – user3439894 Jul 30 at 12:58
  • Alternatively, try xxd -g 1. – lhf Jul 30 at 14:00

The command od -b users.avro will output nothing if the file is empty. What does file users.avro output? If it outputs users.avro: empty then you have your answer.

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  • The file do have content and i can run the cat command to see the binary content – Volatil3 Aug 4 at 8:50

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