I would like to share the internet connection on my MacBook Pro (a wifi connection) with my iPad Pro 4th generation via usb-c cable. The MacBook Pro is running Catalina 10.15.6.

I followed the instructions in this post:

System Preferences -> Content Sharing -> Switch ON and check "Internet connection".

However, nothing happens on the iPad. I can't load any page. Any help with this? Is there anything I should do on the iPad side?

Thank you very much!

ps: if you wonder why I would do that: the iPad Pro 4th generation (brand new) has a horrible wifi reception...


I just realized that the iPad was not showing in the Finder. I rebooted the iPad, now it shows in the finder and the connection started working.

I suppose then that it is/was a problem with the connection between the two devices, rather then the tethering itself. I will monitor the behaviour in the next days.

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