So long story short, I tried to install linux at some point in the past to my mbp, and end up damaging all partition tables and had to go to the Genius Bar to get it fixed.

The thing is, I am somewhat sure that mbp came with one dedicated partition for Mac Os recovery, and since I've damaged the partition table, that dedicated partition was gone clearly.

And the Genius at the Genius bar didn't bring it back, instead, he only restored my Mac OS.

Now I'm running Mac Os + bootcamp win 10. There appears to be 2 parittions, one for Mac one for windows clearly. I want to upgrade my Mac Os, but there was this error message saying that the Mac Os partition I'm trying to install doesn't have certain "table" forgive me for not remembering the hint.

And the hint also said I should click my desired partition in the diskutility and click "erase".

Of course I'm not going to do that because 1. This sounds incredibly silly and 2. all "erase" buttons were greyed out.

So my question is I don't mind doing a fresh install of my Mac Os but is there any way I would be able to upgrade the Mac OS without messing up my bootcamp win 10? If so how? (Funny both windows and Linux support updating only partially the system instead of the entire package)

I hope I made my question clear, thanks in advance!

  • We need to know the first hint. Also for Linux why not run it in a virtual machine saves messing around with partitions – mmmmmm Jul 22 at 9:13

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