Let's say I have 20 ipads I need to configure and lock down with configurator2.

Let's say each of these devices needs their own iCloud ID/password/account.

Finally, let's say that these devices don't get the app store (that's not an allowed app).

I thought that the easy and smart way to do this would be to set the iCloud identity in the Configurator2 profile ... and each device would have its own profile. Easy.

But I can't see a section, or a heading, to add an iCloud ID in the profile.

The terrible, dumb, time consuming and terrible way to do this would be to log in and out of my laptop for each and every device, configuring them one by one with an ID that should never touch my laptop in the first place ... and do that 20 times.

That cannot be the answer.

So how do I do that ? Every ipad needs their own icloud ID ... none of them are going to have a corresponding mac computer ... and I need to do it a smart, efficient way since I am doing 20 (and maybe more in the future).


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