The title pretty much sums up the question. I have looked, and could not find anything, neither paid, nor free. I know about the DocPreview plugin, however that does not work in Safari 5.1+. There is also the Word Browser Plugin, it was last updated in 2009, and also appears to no longer work.

Is there another method to view Word documents inline in Safari? That is, if I click on a link, I would like to see the document full window in safari, and not be downloaded, forcing me to find the file and open it separately.

  • I don't understand. Can't Safari open a downloaded file directly, without forcing you to go and find it yourself after it's been downloaded? It won't be inline, though. Feb 7, 2012 at 21:27

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One solution is to use Google docs — unless you hate Google :)

  1. Install the NinjaKit extension so that Safari will be able to use GreaseMonley scripts
  2. Install the Google Docs Viewer script from userscripts.org
  3. Now Safari will show a small icon next to Office documents that redirects to Google for online viewing

Incidentally, NinjaKit is a great extension and there are plenty useful scripts on userscripts.org

  • Nice answer, unfortunately it doesn't look like it will work for me, since the word docs are actually on a password protected web-site, which means that google docs can't access it. Feb 8, 2012 at 18:21

Also found this

This is a hack, at the moment, for the Google Docs Viewer extension that exists on Google Chrome.

I hope to develop it further and clean up the code.

This extension, if you don't know the original one, enables you to preview PDF files and MS Office files using Google Docs Viewer.

It works for Safari 7 too.

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