I am using Macbook pro-Mid 2012 (non-retina). There are two SSDs, one 850 EVO (250 GB) and 860 Pro (256 GB). Both have Catalina installed and running perfectly. I can switch easily using startup disk in preferences.

860 Pro is installed recently and is fresh and new macOS installation. Now I want to keep the 860 Pro as my main Catalina booting and use another disk(850 EV)) as RAID 0.

I have read people facing issues with RAID in Catalina, so just wanted to know what are cons and pros if this is done.

Will I face any issues with this, specifically will downloading be a problem if this is done?

Please ask if you have any questions, I have provided most of the information, other than this its i5, 16GB Ram

  • What disks will you use as your RAID-0? Generally RAID disks need to be the same size or the RAID will end up as the size of the smallest member. So you would end up with one (faster) 250GB disk. And RAID-0 has no redundancy so if one of the drives fail you lose all of the data. So backups are very important. – Steve Chambers Jul 15 at 23:46
  • I want to keep the 860 Pro as my main Catalina booting and use another disk(850 EV)) as RAID 0. This makes no sense. As written, you're saying you want to use the 850 EVO in a RAID 0 config. But, you need a minimum of 2 disks for RAID 0. Do you mean to say you want both the 850 EVO and 860 Pro in the RAID array? – Allan Jul 16 at 0:01
  • You need to cite your sources. I have read people facing issues...Will I face any issues.... What people? What issues? This like going to the doctors office and saying "I heard people say that you can get sick if I go outside. What viruses can I get?" As for downloading - it has exactly nothing to do with your drive. You can download to anything - a drive, a flash stick, a CD, to a network share, even to memory so the two have nothing to do with each other. – Allan Jul 16 at 0:09
  • 1
    One last thing.... It seems like this is new to you, and I encourage you to experiment and try. If this is your work computer - I would avoid this like the plague. It sounds like you are unfamiliar with RAID setups so I don't recommend you venturing into this if this is the computer you use to get your work done. Experiment with RAID using USB flash drives or external USB before messing around with your boot drive. RAID 0 is very unforgiving meaning your very next post might be about how to salvage your data. – Allan Jul 16 at 0:12
  • "A RAID 0 striped set is all about increasing speed and performance. This type of RAID is a good choice for video editing, multimedia storage, and scratch space for applications, such as Photoshop, that benefit from faster drive access. It's also a good choice for speed demons out there who want to achieve high performance just because they can." lifewire.com/… – Asthana.Me Jul 18 at 6:00

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