From Terminal, it lists that my MAC has six network services:

Bluetooth DUN
USB Ethernet
Wi-Fi (also known as AirPort)
Bluetooth PAN
Thunderbolt Bridge
and VPN

My question is this: I want to check if the network services are enabled. How would I do this?

networksetup -getnetworkserviceenabled Wi-Fi 

returns Enabled on the Mac, but checking for VPN or the other network services produces an error that reads:
NetworkService is not a recognized network service.

So just for kicks, If I was to check for Bluetooth or ThunderBridge what would I call those things so that the terminal would understand the syntax?

  • This seems like a perfect X Y question. What is the overall context - what are you going to do based on the script results? – bmike Jul 9 at 17:59

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