I am using my terminal on the right side of the window. When I click on the red line (left side of the terminal) it minimize horizontally. Because this is a built in property of Apple, I don't want to use other apps like BetterTouchTool. During maximization BetterTouchTool is much slower and doing additional unnesseary affects.

Double click on where the red line is, it slides to left to maximize. Ctrl-cmd-f works but it first carry to window to center and maxize after it instead of just sliding left.

enter image description here After:

enter image description here

[Q] Can I accomplish this on the focused window with a keybinding rather than clicking with mouse? If yes, can I also minimize to its default point where the red line located?

  • This is slightly confused. Double clicking the line will maximise [only horizontally because you used a vertical window edge] & is not reversible. Cmd/Ctrl/F will fullscreen. The two are not the same thing. Try Opt/click the green dot & see if that does what you want, same again to return to last position. – Tetsujin Jul 8 '20 at 17:21
  • I just require to maximize horizontally since terminal will always on the right side, sorry for confusion. Where is the green dot? – alper Jul 8 '20 at 17:26
  • Green dot is top left of every window. You can make it maximise horizontally only by Opt/clicking a vertical edge… but this is not reversible. Only the Opt/click green dot retains both states in memory, so is switchable. – Tetsujin Jul 8 '20 at 17:29
  • That's the thing I dont want to use mouse for clicking. Clicking green dot makes it always full screen – alper Jul 8 '20 at 17:35
  • Then you need to be looking at 3rd party alternatives. – Tetsujin Jul 8 '20 at 17:36

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