A MacBook Air with a SSD, the boot drive, name consisting of 220 double-quote characters.

MBA 2014 with Sierra 10.12.6 (not high sierra)

These did not work:

  • From a finder window, R-click in name column Dialog popup - "The name can't be used. Try using a name with fewer characters, or with no punctuation marks"
  • From finder window, sidebar - just to be exhaustive, same result
  • From the Info dialog.
  • From the terminal.
    • At the user home directory: diskutil rename /Volumes/oldname new name . I get the message "could not find disk for /Volumes". I tried using single-quotes around oldname, but same result

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diskutil rename lets you specify the original location in ways other than by name.

I think some variation on this will work for you: diskutil rename disk1s1 "NewHDDName2"

Running diskutil list first should let you figure out the identifier for the volume.

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