LS 3.8.2, MacOS 10.13.6 (I'm in 'music', slowly updating).
It's great having the option to modify the HOSTS file, but with Little Snitch installed it is not read.
(I know the hosts file is not read because I can visit the 'banned' domains in the modified HOSTS file).

How do I adjust Little Snitch so the HOSTS file is read by Safari 13.1.1?

  • You can't "ban" a domain in the /etc/hosts file. It's just a simple table linking a name with an IP. Are you referring to the hosts.deny?
    – Allan
    Jul 3, 2020 at 21:20
  • 2
    Which then begs the question why have to deal with a text file when the raison d'être for Little Snitch is to ban outgoing connections by specific apps or to specific domains? Jul 3, 2020 at 23:12
  • Little Snitch attempts to connect and you can allow or deny. With the Hosts file (in Etc) the listed banned addresses are never seen, no allow or deny. I would like some 'nevers'. Allan, I am I or you misunderstanding how a hosts file works?
    – cheakypawl
    Jul 4, 2020 at 15:11
  • @Allan you can block domains via hosts file by pointing them to localhost it used to be a common hack.
    – AndrewC
    Jul 4, 2020 at 21:02
  • @cheakypawl Make sure the host file isn’t malformed multiple tabs and special characters etc Are you using Chrome? If so, try Safari.
    – AndrewC
    Jul 4, 2020 at 21:11


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