I'm trying to start a call on iPhone 11 using MacBook Pro on macOS Catalina, however I'm getting an error message that says "Your iPhone needs to use the same iCloud and Facetime".

I've double-checked that FaceTime and iCloud accounts are the same on iPhone, yet the message won't go away. Is there a way to know what macOS thinks the accounts on iPhone and macOS are and how they are different? Or is there any other fix for this?


To see devices attached to an account:

  • Sign into the Apple iCloud via a browser as the account you want to check
  • Drop down the arrow next to your name (top right)
  • Choose 'Settings'

The screen will then show you devices that are attached to that account.

The device MUST be running iOS 8, macOS Yosemite, or watchOS 1 or above (not an issue in your case).

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