I often navigate my many many open Chrome tabs using shortcuts for 'goto left tab' and 'goto right tab' using cmd + alt + left/right.

I'm using an apple keyboard and this works fine using the alt + cmd keys on the left of the space bar, but using the ones on the right (beside the arrow keys) doesn't work for the right tab (left works fine).

This is a minor annoyance but I find myself doing this one-handed while trying to multi-task and frankly it's not possible to do at the moment until I can fix the right tab issue.

This combination works fine in other applications, so I don't know what's going on with Chrome..

PS using an Apple external keyboard (A1242).


  • Have you checked to see your cmd and alt keys on the right work in other applications? – Pulakesh Jul 2 at 9:20
  • Yes, they work fine in the other apps I've checked i.e. Atom. – Mike Jul 2 at 12:02

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