I use my calendar like a scheduled to-do list. I sometimes want to shift all today's events down by 15 minutes. Select All is grayed out in the Edit menu, and it's tedious to click on every event while holding Shift.

How do you select all events on a particular day? If there isn't a way, is there a workaround?

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The short answer is, you can't. Cmd+A only works in month view, and then it only works for the current month. The other reply is correct, holding Cmd is the only way to select multiple events.


I cannot use Command A in the "day" section. But, if you want to select specific events, hold down Command and click on the events you want to copy or do whatever.


Coarse Solution Using macOS Calendar alone: Use "Select All" in Month View

  1. Hide calendars you don't want to edit.
  2. +2 (Week View)
  3. Recommended: Select one of the events you want to edit so the next step focuses on that time period.
  4. +3 (Month View)
  5. The Fussy Part: Scroll to the time period that shows only the events you want to edit.
  6. +a (Select All)
  7. Optional step if you want to adjust event time: +2 (Week View)
  8. + (<- this key may be unnecessary), (shift event dates or times)

Accurate Solution Using Apple Shortcuts

  1. Create a new Shortcut
  2. Add Action: "Find Calendar Events" and adjust settings
  3. Optional: Add the following Actions if you want to be safe:
    • "Show Result"
    • "Stop This Shortcut"
  4. Add Action: "Adjust Date" and adjust settings

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