I am well connected with my iCloud Drive on my Mac but when I try to collaborate with a friend in a Shared document I receive the following error:

enter image description here

We have tried it both way:

  • me sharing a document and sending her permission
  • she sending me a document and sending me permission

When I log into www.icloud.com, I can collaborate there.

It also tells me that I am offline:

enter image description here

But thats not true because I can create Folder, add files to our Shared folder from my Mac and it gets uploaded and is visible.

I am currently using Pages version 10.0.

What am I missing here?


This might not be a full-fledged solution, rather a step in the right direction- have you tried restarting your computer in Safe Mode? If there is a rogue app/or extension causing the issue then Pages will function correctly and you can start investigating the apps/extensions you have installed that might be the culprit.

Apple Support- Safe Mode

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  • I tried this and didn't work – Sammuel Jun 30 at 13:49
  • Just wanted to make sure. I will continue to some research on my end and get back to you with what I find. – Cabana0309 Jun 30 at 13:50
  • In the AppleID section of System Preferences have you tried disabling and re-enabling iCloud Drive (or Pages specifically from the iCloud Drive options menu)? [See screenshot in link below.] share.icloud.com/photos/0uKSOxK2AzEqXm53Hfz6EK2bw – Cabana0309 Jun 30 at 14:00
  • I have tried all yes – Sammuel Jul 1 at 7:26

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