I tried connecting the two headphone jacks to each other but the Mac is not recognizing this as an input source. I also have a cord to connect the headphone jack on the cassette player to a USB but the Mac isn't recognizing that either.

What is the proper way to go about this? I know nothing about cords and inputs/outputs. I want to somehow feed the audio from the cassette to the Mac to eventually be able to digitize the audio on the cassette tapes.

Thank you!


You can try this device, or something similar. It connects to the USB port on your Mac. The app Audacity will digitize the audio. I've used this device from Behringer for this exact purpose.

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  • Perfect! This should work...thanks! – Nick Manning Jun 30 at 2:57
  • Question: is there a technical reason why I need a separate device to do this? Why can't I simply hook the cassette player up to the computer with the headphone jack and usb only? – Nick Manning Jun 30 at 2:58
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    I believe the headphone/microphone jack on the Macbook is designed for mic levels, not line levels from the cassette player. This page may give some insight. – IconDaemon Jun 30 at 12:48

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