Somehow I have a folder on the root of my hard drive called com.apple.TimeMachine.localsnapshots. This contains a few other folders which end with a couple of dated folders containing folders with the name of my hard drive but nothing further down in the hierarchy. I understand this is a Time Machine local backup but it shouldn't be here. I can't delete it in the finder even if I log in as root. I can't delete it in Terminal even using sudo rm -R Someone else suggested sudo chmod -R 777 /foldername but that didn't work either. Another sugestion was tmutil but no, I assume because it's in the wrong place. tmutil can also list local snapshots of which I have several, but it doesn't list that one which is probably why it can't delete it. I can't move it anywhere else either. I was thinking if I could move it to the correct location tmutil might then be able to remove it, but trying to move it just copies it to the new location and the original is still there.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried everything I can find suggested online. Thanks in advance.

  • try this: sudo chflags -R nosappnd <folder here>, sudo chflags -R noschg <folder here>, and then sudo -rf <folder here>. – Joy Jin Aug 2 at 5:27

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