Macbook Pro 2013 15” Mojave stuck in boot loop

A couple of days ago after trying to install Avast VPN, my Macbook Pro 2013 (15” Mojave) was giving warning messages it was low in memory so I closed down all programs and decided to restart. On restarting, the apple logo and loading bar started and when finished it changed to a screen instructing myself to hold the power button down to restart the system. On doing this the loading bar would start again and it was stuck.

After doing some Googling I found out it was stuck in a boot loop and then tried a few solutions. I first tried holding Alt+Cmd+P+R on start up to reset the PRAM and NVRAM. The apple logo and loading bar appeared and once finished it would flicker and restart and loop. I then tried loading into safe mode by turning off and holding shift on the apple logo for three chimes and all this did was make the apple logo and loading bar freeze when full.

On restarting again I tried removing all external hardware with no change and now have considered doing the following options but I am unsure if these are safe or could damage the computer in its current state.

Holding shift+ctrl+option+power to do a SMC reset incase it is an internal hardware fault.

Cmd + R and resetting disk permissions.

Reinstalling Mojave using Cmd+R (I don’t want to lose my data, my general computer layout and I have software installed I do not have the register key for)

Replacing the battery (it does need replaced badly but with the power cable I have never had problems starting up before).

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Are my above options safe to try? Thank you!

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